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In the waters surrounding Dominica, you'll feel like you've entered an underwater world preserved just for you. And it was. Thriving coral gardens will lead you to exciting walls and pinnacles, all thanks to ancient volcanic activity surrounding the island.

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Dominica embodies the true essence of health and wellness. From demanding physical activities to relaxing soaks in thermal springs, the holistic powers will cleanse both physically and spiritually. Hotels and resort offer yoga, massage and fresh, organic cuisine prepared from natural, locally sourced ingredients. The perfect recipe for a restorative holiday.

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Cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, pristine rainforests, and even a lake that boils—you can't even imagine where the hikes on Dominica will lead you. With three National Parks and trails from easy to difficult, there's no end to the hiking adventures on the Nature Island.

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During your time in port in Dominica, there are many things you can do to experience The Nature Island. Hike to a volcanic crater lake located 2,500 feet above the blue Caribbean, try whale and dolphin watching on a catamaran, or pilot a rowboat among the mangroves. Try rappelling into a pristine canyon or swin in the Titou Gorge where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest were filmed. There are rivers for tubing and exploring by kayak.

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Plunging cliff walls, vibrant colorful reefs, eerie caves and pass-throughs, boulder strewn sea beds, enchanting thermal vents sending crystal bubbles upward, and marine life of unparalleled beauty and diversity have made Dominica's coastal waters one of the world's premier diving and snorkeling destinations.

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Dominica has many easier trails that allow the casual hiker to get out and enjoy the Nature Island and its many outdoor wonders. For the most part, these trails are relatively wide and smooth with easy grades. Bridges are typically available when crossing water, streams or gullies.

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Moderate trails will confront the hiking enthusiast with sections that are more challenging with some steeper slopes of up to 1,000 feet of elevation change. Steps will typically be found only on the steepest grades and bridges only found on larger rivers difficult to wade across.

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For the serious hiker, Dominica is home to some of the most challenging and rewarding trails in the Caribbean. Hikers must be in very good physical condition. Sections of these trails can include grades that are often long and steep, and can exceed 35 percent.

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Dominica is a place for amazing adventures. With volcanic peaks, lush rainforests, rugged coastlines and sparkling waterfalls, the nature island lives up to its name with every square inch. But there's much more to see and do beyond our natural wonders.

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Want a true taste of Dominica? There's no finer way than to delight in our uniquely delicious cuisine. This is The Nature Island so you can expect a bounty of vegetables, fruits and root crops in most restaurants. From our abundant reefs, a fresh fish, conch and crab backs, a Dominican specialty, are served with an eye toward sustainability. Sweet, ripe plaintains and a cornmeal we call kushkush are mainstays, as well as yams, breadfruit and chicken prepared in countless delectable ways.

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Dominica's coastline is pristine with a range of terrain from white sand to black sand, from rocky to bubbly. Each beach is unique - some are lined with bars and restaurants while others are accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle.

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Thanks to a healthy underwater ecosystem, the waters off Dominica are a bountiful, rich food chain. And just 15 minutes off the coast lie deep drop offs. That means big fishing. Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin skipjack, tarpon, wahoo, dorado, mackerel—these waters are a sports fisherman's dream. Imagine, just minutes after boarding a charter, you could be pulling in the biggest fish of your life.

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Dominica is home to three national parks: Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Cabrits National Park and Morne Diablotin National Park.

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The perfect haven for birds is the perfect place for birders. One of the first things you’ll see in Dominica is a colorful Sisserou parrot right on the Dominica flag. This is the only place in the world where Sisserou and Jaco parrots are found. The Sisserou Parrot, also known as the the Imperial Amazon is found only in Dominica, specifically on the slopes of Morne Diablotin National Park which was established primarily to protect its prime habitat, and in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The Jaco Parrot, also known as the Red-Necked Amazon gets its common name from the red feathers found on its lower throat.

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When it comes to experiencing Nature's beauty and magnificence, few destinations in the Caribbean can compete with Dominica. Aptly named 'The Nature Island,' you'll find more rivers here than there are days in the year, adventurous hiking trails that can be enjoyed all for the cost of ... nothing, and acres of timeless, misty rainforests that conceal countless waterfalls, hot springs, and one of the largest active boiling lakes in the world.

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Welcome to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation for mind, body and soul. Abounding with physical activities, healing therapies and natural products, Dominica is a spectacular outdoor gym and natural spa.

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Dominica's sheer underwater drop-offs create deep sheltered bays along its western coastline–the perfect haven for the Sperm Whale to breed and calve. Dominica is the only country in the world where the sperm whale resides all year long, although sightings are most common between November and March. Just a short boat ride brings you into contact with the world's largest toothed animal in the calm turquoise Caribbean Sea.

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The Dominica Film Commission is a one-stop resource which takes care of all the producer's needs. Our aim is to facilitate cost effective film production, creating easy access to all the beauty and unique locations available on the Nature Island.

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Visit the Island of Dominica, immerse yourself in nature & adventure, and discover why Dominica is the best kept secret in the Caribbean.

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Discover Dominica! The official travel site for the Caribbean island of Dominica.

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Dominica offers an abundance of things to do. From diving & snorkeling, to hiking & kayaking, Dominica is the best island for adventure in the Caribbean.

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Useful itineraries to ensure you get the most out of your time in Dominica.

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Dive into Dominica and experience the excitement of Caribbean diving. See for yourself why we are one of the top dive destinations not just in the Caribbean, but in the world.

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Choose from a list of Tour Operators to help you discover Dominica.

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Dominica is famous throughout the Caribbean for fun, festive events throughout the year. No matter when you plan to visit, try to plan around one of our incredible festivals.

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Dominica offers many types of places to stay for visitors including Resorts, Hotels, Villas and more. View listings and plan your trip today.

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Dominica offers an array of places to stay as varied as its terrain. Guests can choose from spots that specifically cater to hiking and diving enthusiasts, ecotourism, or those seeking relaxation and restoration, or simply choose from a variety of high-end boutique villas, resort living, modest hotels, or simple cottages—each with its own charm and singular amenities. acc

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Alexis Taxi Services places

Dominica native George Alexis and his family invite you to explore their island home by any mode of transportation you wish. Founded by George in 1994, Alexis Taxi Services is a family business that provides sightseeing tours, taxi service, private drivers, and scooter rentals. Not to mention, insider tips that only locals know, from the best restaurants to cultural events.

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Anchorage Hotel, Whale Watch & Dive Center places

Atlantique View Resort & Spa places

A combination of European and contemporary style construction fused with warm, yet tranquil Caribbean and European themes. Situated on the northeastern end of the island, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and five minutes from the beach, Atlantique View Resort & Spa enjoys an idyllic setting of the tranquillity that Dominica has to offer.

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Aywasi Retreat places

Located in a village occupied by the first settlers a visit to Aywasi will take you on a journey to discover the cultural traditons of the Kalinago. We can customize your vacation to suit your needs.

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Mooring: 20 ft -- Max depth: 90 ft This site off to Mero has two parts, hard to explore in a single dive. The first one is a wall of 6 to 20 meters richly covered with corals and sponges. On the upper plateau, we cross real forests of sea fans. The second part is between 15 and 30m (45 to 90feet) and consists of several rocks placed on the sandy bottom. Some divers have seen eagles rays!

Batalie Reef places

Diving from Batalie beach Max depth: 95ft Day and night, this site offers a magnificent sight due to the variety of fishes. The start of the beach allows a gradual descent ideal for baptisms, beginners or for a first diving season. You can find morays, octopus, basket stars, barracudas…

Batibou Beach places

Perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island, with towering coconut trees and beautiful, gold sand. A great place for a swim, a snorkel or to just soak in the sun.

Cricket events

Nowhere in the world blends rich, traditional Caribbean culture and a love for Cricket. It brings the stadium alive!

Dive Fest events

A festival dedicated to diving? Only in Dominica. The event provides whale watching deals, special dive packages, snorkeling picnics, canoe racing, and marine educational tours. Divers, this is your time.

Dominica Festival of the Creative Arts (DOMFESTA) events

Dominica Festival of Arts (DOMFESTA) showcases theatrical and dance performances, concerts, and artistic workshops geared at developing local artistic expressions.

Hike Fest events

Dominica hosts major festivals throughout the year that provide a series of exciting activities. The year begins with the Carnival celebrations, dubbed "the Real Mas" for its originality, spontaneity and strong traditions of masquerade costumes. See Major Events Calendar.

Independence events

There might be no better time to immerse yourself in true Dominican culture than during the Independence season. Created to recognize Dominica's independence from Great Britain on November 3, 1978, Independence festivities celebrate music, dance, dress and cuisine. Every year, the country commemorates it's Independence with a season of cultural activities which can last as long as four weeks. These celebrations portray vivid examples of the island's cultural influences. The traditional dances display European traces in Hill & Toe, Waltz, and Quadrille; and borrow from African native dances in Bèlè.  

Jazz 'N Creole events

Dominica hosts major festivals throughout the year that provide a series of exciting activities. The year begins with the Carnival celebrations, dubbed "the Real Mas" for its originality, spontaneity and strong traditions of masquerade costumes. See Major Events Calendar

Kalinago Week events

Kalinago Week is an observance which dates back to September 19th, 1930. At that time, the Kalinago people were actively engaged in trading with the neighbouring French Territories of Marie Galante and Guadeloupe where local produce was traded for goods such as tobacco, sugar and rum.

Mas Domnik – The Real Mas events

The Caribbean’s most original Carnival, dubbed ‘The Real Mas’, Mas Domnik brings together African and French traditions and attracts revellers from far and wide to witness a dazzling display of social solidarity and a cultural explosion of music, art and dance.

Taste of Dominica events

From street food and bush rums to herbal teas and inspired chef creations, Dominica is a culinary haven for foodies. A Taste of Dominica showcases the diversity of our country’s great food scene. Establishments from across the island will feature the best of what we have to offer including an abundance of fresh produce, spices and seafood.

Tourism Awareness Month events

Celebrated annually during the month of May, Tourism Awareness Month's aim is to increase awareness of the tourism and hospitality industry’s economic, cultural and social contributions to our Nature Isle, Dominica.

World Creole Music Festival events

DOMINICA'S WORLD CREOLE MUSIC FESITVAL 2018 Discover Dominica Authority unveiled a thrilling line-up of artistes and bands to perform at the 20th World Creole Music Festival, during a Launch Party at the Palm Cottage in Roseau on Wednesday.