An Abundance of Fresh, Organic Foods Sourced on & Around the Island

Want a true taste of Dominica? There's no finer way than to delight in our uniquely delicious cuisine.

This is The Nature Island so you can expect a bounty of vegetables, fruits and root crops in most restaurants. From our abundant reefs, a fresh fish, conch and crab backs, a Dominican specialty, are served with an eye toward sustainability. Sweet, ripe plaintains and a cornmeal we call kushkush are mainstays, as well as yams, breadfruit and chicken prepared in countless delectable ways.

Dining in Dominica is as much about the ambiance as the cuisine. Many restaurants serve up captivating panoramas along with an eclectic menu of continental, Creole and West Indian dishes. Dominican chefs are adept at preparing many European and American delicacies, with a West Indian touch.