September 19th - September 26th, 2024

Kalinago Week 2024

Kalinago Week is a celebration that dates back to September 19, 1930. At that time, the Kalinagos did a lot of trade with the neighboring French territories of Marie Galante and Guadeloupe by exchanging local products for tobacco, sugar and rum. Until the local authorities of Dominica, considering that the Kalinagos were engaged in illicit trafficking, decided to put an end to it. This affair led to reprisals from the Kalinago community. Unfortunately, two Kalinago men were shot, and three others injured. Kalinago Week is intended to be a tribute to the past but above all, a celebration of the pride and dignity of the Kalinago community today. Every year since 1981, the week of September 19, numerous activities are organized in the Kalinago territory with one and the same objective: to strengthen ties between all Kalinagos. Among the events, a gathering of young people, debates and a tribute to elders. Not forgetting the annual Miss Kalinago and Princess Natari pageants.