Revive In Our Nature: Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

April 08, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll. But even life without lockdowns and restrictions manages to wear us out. With endless routines, the pressures of home and work, and the absence of diversity, life can feel like a monotonous trudge. In situations like these, Dominica can help bring vitality, wellness, and perspective back to your life.

Enjoy a Sensory Island Experience

Dominica is captivating. The light, the depth and vibrancy of the colours, the sounds, the scenery, the smells, and the tastes all combine to stimulate your body and mind. As soon as you arrive, you feel enlivened and well.

Let us begin with what you see. Well, first of all, you have to look up. Dominica has mountains—lots of them—all densely clustered together and covered in a thick blanket of rainforest, with more shades of green than you believe possible. Hidden within those forests are rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and even parrots that exist nowhere else on earth. If you spend most of your time surrounded by walls and glass and living in monochromatic shades of gray, you should get ready for a huge surprise.

Now listen to how quiet it is here. No traffic noises (not even a traffic light), no background hum of the city, just birdsong, a breeze in the treetops, a creaking of bamboo, the gentle splashing of water—interrupted occasionally by the sound of someone blowing a conch shell indicating fresh fish for sale. There is simplicity here, and Dominica has peace and quiet in abundance.

Wander slowly around some of Dominica’s tropical gardens in Giraudel, Trafalgar, or Bornes and enjoy the shapes, the colours, and arrangements. There is a saying that Dominica’s soil is so fertile that if you stand still for long enough, something will grow on you. When you take in these tropical gardens, it is easy to see why that could well be true.

Take a gentle walk on a rainforest track and breathe in the fresh air. Take a sip of cool water from a clear mountain stream. Take time to put your routines on pause and reconnect with the earth. This is Dominica, a sensory experience that helps you to reevaluate your priorities, get back on track, and put your frenetic world at home into perspective.

Mineral-Rich Spas

Dominica’s volcanic origins are ever-present in the dormant volcanoes that fill its forested interior. There are also dramatic reminders of this geological past in the form of volcanic activity in wilderness landscapes such as the Valley of Desolation, the submarine fumaroles of Champagne Reef, and the volcanically heated spas of the Roseau Valley.

Beneath the village of Wotten Waven and spreading far inland is a magma layer that lies relatively close to the earth’s crust. This means that ground water is heated naturally by geothermal energy. Some local entrepreneurs have tapped into this natural phenomenon to create visually attractive, mineral-rich hot pools. Indeed, Wotten Waven has now gained a deserving reputation as Dominica’s spa village.

Often sited within beautiful tropical gardens, each spa usually has several hot pools that are cleverly regulated to different temperatures using a mixture of hot and cold water sources. Some also offer mud treatments and scrubs. They are open all day and into the evening, so you can enjoy the warm waters under a blanket of stars. Learn more about spas in Dominica here.

Volcanic spas and hot pools can also be found in Trafalgar, Soufriere, Laudat, and Glanvillia. Hikers on the Boiling Lake Trail can also experience heated rivers and pools in their natural environment. 

If you prefer extra pampering and unwinding, our luxury hotels and resorts on the island offer innovative traditional methods of holistic treatments using locally grown ingredients and spices, coupled with yoga, massage, and fresh, organic cuisine. Learn more about luxury resorts and spas in Dominica by visiting the links below:

Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski:

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa:

Secret Bay:

Atlantic View:

Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort:

Fort Young Hotel:


Feel Alive With a Hiking Challenge

If your life is full of the monotonous routines of commuting, working in an office under artificial lighting, doing chores, and watching television, it is easy to get a little numb to life. Dominica presents an opportunity for you to shake things up a bit, to push yourself, and perhaps to even step outside of your comfort zone.

Many visitors who take on the hiking challenge of Dominica’s Boiling Lake Trail choose to do it for exactly these reasons. It does not matter if you are not a regular hiker; so long as you are in reasonable shape, you can do it. Four hours there, four hours back, through the rainforest, up and over a small mountain, across an active volcanic landscape, through rivers, and to the lake—this is a day that everyone remembers. Sure, there will be aches and pains the next day, but they are good aches and pains because they remind you that you are alive and that you did something amazing—something more challenging and more adventurous than that daily routine.

Try a New Adventure

Of course, you could come to a Caribbean island to sit by the pool with a rum punch and a plate of lobster tail. And why not? You could also try something new. Dominica is like an adventure playground, and it’s a great place to try something you have never done before.

You could discover scuba diving, for example. Some choose to do a full certification course, which takes four days; others just want to see what it is like. Dominica’s professional scuba diving instructors can get you equipped and provide you with some basic training—just the essentials—before taking you on a try-dive around some of the west coast’s extremely tranquil and beautiful coral reefs. Sure, there will be an initial rush of adrenalin—perhaps even a little bit of panic—but that is normal, and once you relax and breathe deeply, you will enjoy floating weightlessly in the water, personally experiencing something you have only ever seen on television nature documentaries in your sitting room. Learn more about the Boiling Lake hike here.

How about canyoning? Have you ever done that before? A canyoning professional teaches you how to rappel down a practice wall before taking you to a stunning gorge where you rappel down waterfalls, jump into deep pools, and follow the river trail in a loop, right back to where you started. No previous experience is necessary; you can just jump right in, literally. Learn more about canyoning in Dominica here.

Okay, so maybe something a little less adventurous? No problem. How about making some traditional basketware with a Kalinago artisan? Or how about learning how to cook Creole food with one of Dominica’s top local chefs? Tropical agriculture and bush medicine with a Dominican farmer? Tropical plants and flowers with a local horticulturalist? If Dominica inspires you to try or learn something new, the options are diverse and plentiful. Book your food & family lifestyle experience today.

Eat, Live, and Sleep Well in the Caribbean

When you have enjoyed a healthy and delicious Creole dinner against the backdrop of a stunning Caribbean sunset, your special day in Dominica closes with the sound of music. A tropical chorus of crickets and tree frogs begins as soon as night falls. The song is tranquil, the air is cool, and you are relaxed. You had a wonderful, memorable day, not one that simply blended in with all the rest. You feel content, and you sleep well.

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