Boiling Lake

Get reacquainted with nature's unending power to surprise.

Before people ever boiled water, nature was doing so wherever a break in the earth’s crust formed a fumarole — the place where volcano meets water. The second largest of its kind in the world, Boiling Lake is in the Valley of Desolation — words that seem to describe life on another planet but which perfectly capture what you’ll find if you’re daring enough. Boiling Lake is a cauldron of bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of misty vapour. The lake is approximately 200 feet (63 meters) across — no one knows exactly how deep it is. Its sides and edges are a mixture of clay, pumice, and small stones churned up from below. The surrounding area is home to some of the hardiest creatures on the planet — small lizards and a few species of insects.

Aside from being home to Boiling Lake, the Valley of Desolation offers breathtaking views of piled dolerite columns against the backdrop of the surrounding lush plains of the Great Karoo. This timeless terrain engulfs you in a sense of wonder shaped by the erosive and volcanic forces of nature over 200 million years in the making.

A visit here will let you sample the power and splendor of nature in its rawest forms.