Island Transportation

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Taxi Service

Taxis are available at the airports and in Roseau, and can be arranged all over the island. They are easily identified by the letters, H, HA or HB preceding the registration numbers on the number plates. There are standard fees from the city to both airports. The fare from the Douglas Charles Airport to Canefield/ Roseau/ Newtown Portsmouth/ Picard is EC$65 or US $26. From Douglas Charles Airport to the Carib Territory/ Concorde/ Atkinson/ Calibishie is EC$40 or US$15; to Castle Comfort/ Loubiere/ Wallhouse is EC$70 or US$28 and to Salisbury/ Batalie/ Coulibistrie/ Colihaut is EC$100 or US$40. From Canefield to Roseau EC$25.

List of Recommended Taxi Services

Car Rentals

There are a number of car rental agencies on the island offering vehicles for rent. But before you get on the road, you will need to obtain a driver's license which cost $30 (US$12). You must be between 25 and 65 years old, with two years' driving experience to qualify for a driver's permit. Traffic use the left side of the road, most of which are well maintained.

List of Recommended Car Rental Services

Bus Service

Dominica has a reliable public transportation system consisting of primarily private minibus operators. Bus stops can be found at designated points throughout the city depending on your destination. The bus fares are standardized and ranges from EC$1.50 to EC$10.25 according the specific route. Bus rotation is fairly frequent throughout the day, but this method of transportation is not suitable for night travel.