Dominica is serviced by two airports: Douglas-Charles (DOM), formerly known as Melville Hall, and Canefield (DCF) Airports. Most visitors to Dominica will arrive through Douglas-Charles, the larger of the two airports. Douglas-Charles, located in the northeastern side of the island, approximately one hour from the city, features a longer runway and updated terminal. Canefield Airport is 15 minutes from the capital city of Roseau and has a shorter runway, measuring 3,100 feet.

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International flights from North America and Europe are connected to the island through hubs in Antigua (ANU), Barbados (BGI), Martinique (FDF), St. Maarten (SXM), Puerto Rico (SJU), Guadeloupe (PTP), and St. Lucia (SLU).

Caribbean Airlines has the largest network in the region and offers non-stop service to/from Dominica to Barbados and Trinidad, which facilitates easy onward connections to regional and international destinations including New York, Miami, the United Kingdom, Toronto, and Guyana.  The airline’s fleet is comprised of Boeing 737-800 and ATR72-600 aircraft.  Caribbean Airlines is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has been awarded Platinum certification by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying for surpassing global standards for its COVID-19 protocols. Via its website customers can access real-time information on travel regulations and entry requirements to any destination and can also book and pay for COVID-19 tests.

interCaribbean Airways is an airline that offers scheduled passenger flights around the Caribbean, and also offers charter flights to Caribbean destinations. The Airline flies to over 20 destinations across more than 10 Caribbean islands, including locations within Antigua, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Overall, interCaribbean Airways owns more than 15 aircraft within its fleet.

Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT) offers direct connections from ANU and BGI, as well as other connecting flights across their 22-island network into Douglas-Charles Airport. LIAT has partnerships with JetBlue and British Airways, allowing travelers to book Dominica directly through these carriers.

Windward Islands Airways (WINAIR) has scheduled ATR service between Guadeloupe (PTP) and Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM), and onwards to St. Maarten (SXM) continuing to Puerto Rico (SJU). WINAIR also has scheduled ATR service between St. Maarten and Douglas-Charles, and onwards to Guadeloupe. Both services operate daily. WINAIR has interline e-ticketing agreements with multiple airlines, including United, Air Caraibes, Air France, British Airways, and KLM.

Air Sunshine operates ATR service between St.Thomas (STT) and Douglas Charles Airport (DOM). 

Air Antilles operates ATR service between Guadeloupe (PTP) and Douglas Charles Airport (DOM) and onwards to St. Maarten (SXM) and Puerto Rico (SJU) in cooperation with WINAIR (on the schedule mentioned above).  Air Antilles has interline and codeshare agreements with Air France, allowing travelers to book their flights to Dominica directly through the carrier.

Seaborne Airlines provides four times weekly service into Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM) from Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The airline has codeshare agreements with American Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue, allowing travelers to book their flights to Dominica directly through these carriers. Book via the Silver Airways Sabre reservation, part of Silver's ongoing integration of the two carriers. 

There are various scheduled charter carriers serving Dominica. Please check in often to see what new services are available.

A word about travel research and booking:

Airlines with scheduled service to Dominica are listed on the GDS, and therefore you can book online or through a travel agent. There are also non-scheduled flights that operate to Dominica which are not on the GDS and therefore you will need to book directly with them.

Tip on Booking to Dominica:

Start with the flight from one of the hubs of San Juan (SJU), Sint Maarten (SXM), Antigua (ANU), Guadeloupe (PTP), Barbados (BGI), and St. Lucia (SLU) to understand the connecting options into Dominica; then work from your originating city to make a connection to Dominica at the hub. In some cases with interline and codeshare agreements, you will be able to make the booking on the airline or OTA site, but in other cases, you will need to inform your travel agent of the hub and airline options for them to make the booking.

Caribbean Airlines

Dominica: 1 833 522 4762

USA/Canada: 1 800 920 4225

Other Caribbean: 1 800 744 2225

InterCaribbean Airways

+1 (946) 649.4999






Win Air



Air Sunshine




Air Antilles

0 890 648 648


Seaborne Airlines / Silver Airways




Express Carrier



Coastal Air Transport



NOTE: Airport code and distance from Roseau, the capital city: Douglas-Charles (DOM) approximately 1 hour 20 minutes from Roseau Canefield Airport (DCF) approximately 15 minutes from Roseau.


Baggage Allowance

Many people remain confused over the baggage allowance requirements for traveling to Dominica. The following is information that you must adhere to so as to ensure your travel to and departure from Dominica is hassle free:

When traveling to and from Dominica, travelers should verify the baggage allowances with each of their airlines to determine terms and conditions for the following:

  • Checked bags total weight allowance including the not to exceed weight
  • Number of  carryon bags allowed and weight limitation
  • Allowances for oversized and excess baggage
  • Overweight and extra baggage fees if applicable
  • Very often at the point of departure from the U.S., these restrictions are often overlooked by the airline check in agent. The restrictions are not overlooked upon departure from Dominica partly because the planes used to travel to Dominica while comfortable for the traveler may have limited cargo space and weight restrictions.

Changes to Travel Requirements

Dominica wants to ensure that your travels to Nature Island are hassle free. Due to changes made by the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security, there are some changes in international travel requirements that you must be aware of and adhere to. All travelers, including U.S. citizens to and from the Americas, the Caribbean and Bermuda, will be required to have a valid passport or other accepted document that establishes your identity and nationality to enter and re-enter the United States.

For information on applying for a passport to visit Dominica, U.S. citizens may visit or call the National Passport Information Center toll free at 1-877-4USA-PPT or TDD/TYY: 1.888.874.7793. Foreign nationals should contact their respective.

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