Travel Advisory for Dominica

WELCOME to Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean!
Dominica remains dedicated to providing visitors to our shores, a safe travel experience from arrival to departure. Now, with our “Safe in Nature” commitment to visitors, we ensure that all measures are in place to safeguard both locals and visitors.

Latest Update:

Dominica’s tourism and health authorities announce new protocols for fully vaccinated travelers. 

Travel protocols for Fully vaccinated Travelers

Travel Protocols for Unvaccinated Travelers

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Entry Protocols:

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Upload a negative PCR test result within 72 hours prior to arrival. Fill out the health questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to entry into Dominica. Pay for Antigen Test online - EC$100.

Health Questionnaire:

Submit health questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to arrival:


Unvaccinated travelers are required to book a Safe In Nature certified property, View all details below. All arriving passengers and crew will be assigned color-coded wristbands. Unvaccinated travelers must undergo up to 7 days in quarantine at a Safe in Nature property.
Our Safe in Nature commitment ensures a managed experience throughout your first 5-7 days of arriving in Dominica. 

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PCR Testing for Outbound Travel 
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All PCR Tests are conducted at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Bath Road in Roseau.

PCR Test Safe In Nature:

With many destinations requesting proof of a negative PCR Test for arrival, Dominica is extending its "Safe In Nature" commitment program to include a concierge service provided by all participating hotels. Properties will guide guests through the entire process, including scheduling an appointment, coordinating payment ($40USD), if testing is not on-site host will arrange to transfer guests to and from their chosen Safe in Nature certified property to the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Bath Road where all PCR testing in Dominica takes place. Test results are currently being returned within 24-48 hours to comply with the (CDC) 72-hour guidelines.

PCR Test for all other departing visitors (Not Safe In Nature):

WhatsApp +1(767) 611 3905 to make an appointment (at least two weeks prior to departure date) you can send an email to or visit the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Bath Road to book an appointment and acquire the form in order to proceed to pay. A passport and vaccination card are needed to complete registration.

Test results are returned between 24-48hrs and provided via email. PCR test cost XCD$100 or US$40 per test, payments can be made at the Hospital or online via Government of Dominica ePayment Portal. Please note that a copy of the receipt is needed to show proof of payment. Take along receipt, passport, and vaccination card on the day of testing at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Bath Road.

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  • Certified vehicles will be sanitized before and after each trip.
  • Limited contact between passengers and driver.
  • Passengers and driver to wear face mask at all times inside of the vehicle.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for passengers use within the vehicle.
Trafalgar Falls, Middleham Falls, Emerald Pool, Spanny Falls & other High-Volume Sites
  • Adhere to opening hours, days and times when visitors can visit sites.
  • Handwashing facilities will be clearly visible.
  • All contact areas including railings will be sanitized every hour.
  • Public washrooms will be sanitized every hour.
  • Hikers are advised to hike in a single line, practice physical distancing protocols and give way to oncoming hikers.
  • Number of persons in pools will be limited.
  • Physical distancing protocols must be adhered to.
  • All areas will be thoroughly sanitized after every use.
  • The number of passengers per water sport vessel will be limited to 70% capacity to allow for physical distancing.
  • Physical distancing between patrons (individuals or groups) will be enforced.
  • All guests should have their temperatures taken prior to boarding the boat.
  • Vessel will be sanitized before and after every excursion.
  • Water equipment will be sanitized after each use (life jackets, snorkel, kayaks, pedal boats, banana boats, oars, etc).
  • Frequently touched areas within the dive shop should be sanitized every hour including counters, shelves, racks, door handles, and any area that may come in contact with the guests.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be made available for guests.
  • Reservations are encouraged.
  • Restaurant tables will be set at least six feet between tables.
  • Tables will not be pre-set.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols to be observed.
  • Restaurants will be sanitized three times a day (after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner service).
  • All tables and chairs will be sanitized after every guest.
  • Menu options – Disposable / digital menus provided, use of chalk board, or menus will be sanitized after every guest.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available for guests.
Accommodation facilities will be certified to operate under Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Temperature checks will be done at all entrances for guests, employees, and suppliers.
  • Luggage will be sanitized upon arrival at the accommodation.
  • Bellmen will use disposable gloves when handling bags.
  • Procedures will be in place to manage suspected cases of COVID-19 in guests and employees.
  • Physical distancing measures will be in place for guests and employees.
  • Hand sanitizer stations, touchless where possible will be placed at key guest/public locations.
  • Vaccinated travelers can stay in both Safe in Nature or COVID-certified properties for their visit to Dominica; however, unvaccinated travelers MUST stay in either a Government operated quarantine facility, or Safe in Nature certified property for the initial mandatory quarantine period until they are discharged by health professionals.
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Download these protocols as a PDF.
Travel Protocols for Safe Entry into Dominica
Download these protocols as a PDF.
Health and Safety Protocols
Download Dominica Wristbands PDF
Dominica Wristbands
Download as a PDF.
Safe in Nature Chart
Download these protocols as PDFs
Yachts wishing to travel to the island.


1. Is Dominica open to visitors?

Yes, Dominica is open for business

2. Is there a curfew in place?

There is no curfew in place at the moment.

3. Are there any cases of coronavirus in Dominica?

As of January 19, 2022, Dominica’s positive COVID-19 cases stand at 732. There are 8,349 total confirmed cases and 48 deaths. 

Approved vaccines by the Ministry of Health are Pfizer, AstraZeneca (India and South Korea), Moderna, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Sinopharm, and Sinovac. Further vaccines may be added by the Ministry of Health, as approved by the World Health Organization.

4. What are the protocols for entry into Dominica?

Entry protocols for Dominica fall under two categories - fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.  

Different terms and conditions apply to arrival by air and arrival by sea.

All travelers will require to provide the following prior to arrival in Dominica:

  • Submit a health questionnaire online at least 24 hours prior to arrival: accessible via
  • Upload a negative RT PCR or a RAPID PCR taken within 24 – 72 hours prior to travel. 
  • Upload vaccination certificate
  • If you had a COVID-19 infection in the past and your latest PCR result continues to be positive after three months, you must provide CT value in the last PCR result, in order to determine whether it is a new infection, or due to the previous infection.
    • "If applicable, upload a medical record as proof of a previous infection of COVID-19
  • Pay for Antigen Test online - EC$100 at
  • Traveler must present the following to airlines or other travel carriers prior to boarding for travel to Dominica, and upon disembarkation in Dominica:
    1. Negative PCR test result from a swab taken within 24-72 hours prior to arrival.
    2. Email notification of health clearance to travel. (Email received once the health questionnaire has been completed and submitted. Please check your junk/spam mailbox for email.)
    3. A printed receipt of your arrival Antigen upon disembarkation in Dominica.
  • To understand your PCR scheduling while in quarantine see the schedule here 

5. Which ports of entry are open?

Douglas-Charles and Canefield Airports are open to commercial flights. Dominica seaport is open only to yachts. A combination of screening, testing, monitoring, and other protective measures are in place and are designed to protect and safeguard the health of both residents and visitors to Dominica.

6. Which airlines are currently traveling to Dominica?

Click here. The schedule is subject to airline changes. Currently, you can access Dominica via San Juan (SJU), St. Maarten (SXM), Antigua & Barbuda (ANU), Barbados (BGI), St. Lucia (SLU), Guadeloupe (PTP), and Trinidad (POS).
As of January 10, 2022, American Airlines (AA) started an additional flight from Miami to Dominica on Mondays. Direct flights began on December 8th, 2021 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

7. Is there a cost for getting tested?

8. How soon will I receive the test results?

The Antigen Test results will be provided within 20 - 30 minutes, and PCR test results take about 24-48 hours.

9. Where can I get an Antigen Test when departing Dominica?

The La Falaise Medical Laboratory Ltd

  • Make a booking at The La Falaise Medical Laboratory Ltd at 1 (767) 448 0100, (767) 440 4583, WhatsApp (767) 276-5213, or
  • The cost is $150.00 XCD during normal hours, Monday to Saturday. $200.00 XCD after normal hours, on Sundays, and on public holidays.
  • Results are returned within an hour and will be provided via email upon request.

Adams Health Care

  • For outbound and local testing
    Cost: EC$140.00 or US$52.00 Monday to Friday (at the office)
    Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Contact: 1 767 275 1686
    Results are returned promptly and will be provided via email on request.

  • Adams can also come to your location
    Mobile: Contact 275 1684 to book
    Cost: EC$180.00 or US$66.00
    Open on weekends and holidays

10. What happens if I have a high temperature or positive Antigen Test?

Any arriving traveler with a high temperature or concerns on their health questionnaire; or a positive Antigen Test will proceed to a secondary screening area. 
Any departing traveler with a high temperature will proceed to a secondary screening area.
See links below for the category of traveler.

  • See information on testing for fully vaccinated travelers here.
  • See information on testing for unvaccinated travelers here.

11. What quarantine facilities are available in Dominica?

All travelers are required to book at a Safe in Nature property at the traveler's expense. Safe in the Nature properties list

12. Are there penalties for non-adherence to mandatory quarantine?

Yes, Penalties will be enforced as applicable by law

13. What safety measures and protocols are in place upon arrival and while on the island?

While on the island travelers must follow the Ministry of Health protocols such as wearing face masks in public, observing physical distancing, and practicing good respiratory and personal sanitization.

14. What is the minimum time that a traveler should plan to stay in Dominica?

At present, there is no minimum duration; however, please note that you should plan for a minimum of 10 days if arrival or departure Antigen/PCR comes back negative.  Please be guided by our PCR Testing schedule seen at this link here

15. Which accommodations are currently open for guests?

Safe in Nature certified properties, and COVID-19 certified properties are currently open for travelers who are medically cleared at the discretion of medical officials.
All travelers must however subject themselves to monitoring for up to seven (7) days in addition to scheduled and unscheduled checks.

For booking a Safe in Nature property please visit this link. The Safe in Nature list is being updated as properties become in compliance with Environmental Health Department requirements.

Safe in Nature Certified Properties has gone through a training and assessment process to provide the guest with a “Managed Experience” in a safe environment for the duration of their stay while enjoying their vacation. Guests will be required to follow the regulations within the facility and must undergo at least one (1) PCR swab test to determine their COVID-19 status on Day 5 after arrival.

16. What can I expect at a certified accommodation?

All certified accommodations will be adhering to the Health and Safety Guidelines required by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and New Health Investment:

  • Accommodation facilities will be certified to operate under health and safety guidelines
  • Temperature checks will be done at all entrances for guests, employees, and suppliers
  • Luggage will be sanitized upon arrival
  • Bellmen will use disposable gloves when handling bags
  • Social distancing measures will be in place for guests and employees
  • Hand sanitizer stations, touchless where possible, will be placed at key guest/public spaces. 

17. If a hotel guest tests positive for COVID-19, will everyone there be quarantined?

Initially, all guests will be asked to self-quarantine while the Ministry of Health conducts a health risk assessment.  Extensive contact tracing will occur to assess the situation. 

18. If I have a valid negative PCR test, can I explore the rest of the island?

Once you have been medically cleared you can explore the island. Dominica welcomes you to explore iconic attractions, and activities such as hiking, diving, watersports, and Wellness spas. You are also encouraged to use certified service providers (Taxi, tour guide). See your Safe in Nature property’s website for details on their managed experience. 

All travelers must however subject themselves to monitoring for up to seven (7) days in addition to scheduled and unscheduled checks.

19. Are all sites opened to Visitors?

The Division of Forestry, Wildlife & Parks wishes to inform visitors and the general public that the following ecotourism sites will be opened to visitors from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Please note that fully accessible Waitukubuli National Trails are 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

Visitors are further advised of the following:

  • Non-residents must possess a User Fee Ticket to access the sites.
  • Groups with 10 or more individuals are advised to call the Forestry Division at telephone numbers 611-5852/5854/5856 before visiting the sites.
  • Visitors must comply with the Ministry of Health's Covid19 protocols and follow the guidelines for use of the sites and trails. Please ensure you take along a mask, hand sanitizer, and your personal water bottle.

20. Are other activities available on the island?

Yes, there are other land-based, and water-based activities that one can enjoy. For the planning of your activity please contact your booked Safe in Nature property or their website for details on their Managed Experience.

21. How do I arrange a transfer to and from the airport?

  • Travelers can arrange airport transfers with their Safe in Nature properties.
  • Otherwise, arriving passengers must depart the Douglas - Charles Airport in a Safe in Nature certified taxi through the Taxi Dispatch.
  • For departing passengers vehicles will only be permitted to enter the airport with the driver and persons due to travel. 

Taxi operators have received training in passenger safety and minimizing risks. Your hotel can provide taxi suggestions.

  • Certified transportation will be sanitized after every passenger use
  • Hand sanitizers will be available for guests in taxis
  • There will be limited contact between taxi drivers and guests
  • Taxi drivers will wear masks at all times

22. Have Airport Rates Changed

Yes, airport rates have changed, and due to physical and social distancing, the taxi shuttle system has been discontinued. However, the Airport Dispatch will assist you with taxis to your various destinations. 

23. How Do I Get to Quarantine

Upon receipt of a positive result from the Antigen Test, travelers shall utilize certified transportation to go to a Safe in Nature property, or the Government operated facility at their own expense. Travelers from the same cohort of aircraft on which they arrived can travel together. 

24. Is other ground transportation available?

Yes, once you have been medically cleared you can rent a vehicle. Certified car rental companies are available, and their staff have received training in passenger safety and minimizing risks. Health and safety protocols will be followed. Visitors should use approved transportation.

All travelers must however subject themselves to monitoring for up to seven (7) days in addition to scheduled and unscheduled checks.  Here is a list of Certified Car Rental Companies you can contact, or your hotel can provide suggestions.

25. Can business travelers go to work while on the island?

If you are fully vaccinated and on a business trip, and have been medically cleared by the health authorities, you can conduct business.  Consultants and contractors can also go to work. Unvaccinated consultants and contractors can only leave the premises, and or conduct face-to-face meetings after they have been medically cleared.

26. Is there anything I need to do when leaving Dominica?

  • Travelers should ensure that they have secured their destination pre-arrival clearance documents
  • Only drivers and departing passengers can enter the airports.
  • Travelers must wear a face mask at all times during the departure process including entering planes.
  • Social distancing and sanitization measures will be in place at airports
  • Travelers should follow the instructions of health care staff and port officials.

27. Will I need a PCR test before leaving Dominica?

Please ensure that you are aware of what your transit port or final destination requires from you on your return (PCR or antigen). Arrange with your Safe in Nature property for facilitating your test.

If you need a PCR Test when departing the country, the process for obtaining one is as follows:

  • WhatsApp 1(767) 611 3905, or email to make an appointment.
  • Pay for the test at the accounts department at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital (the former Princess Margaret Hospital) located on Upper Charles Avenue in Goodwill, and also via the Government of Dominica E-Payment Portal
  • Present your stamped form and printed receipt upon arrival at the Roseau Health Center.
  • Get your test done at the Roseau Health Center, or as designated by the medical professionals. 
  • The results will be presented by the requisitioning medical officer or healthcare provider.
  • The property management may facilitate the PCR testing request for guests.

28. What are the procedures that visiting yachts should adhere to?

The Government of Dominica has approved protocols for the reopening of the Yachting sector. Here is the link to Yacht protocols Yachts wishing to travel to Dominica

29. Has Ferry services resumed?

Yes, L'Express Des Iles has resumed inter-island services between St. Lucia, Dominica, and the French Islands. An announcement for Val Ferry will be posted when services resume.

30. When will cruises resume and what testing/assessment procedures will be in place?

Dominica welcomed the return of cruise calls to its shores on July 27th, 2021. Please check with your cruise provider for details on protocols.

31. Are Dominica’s 2021 major events still on?

The Ministry of Tourism International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, through the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), has decided to cancel all major activities, health and safety being a priority. We will continue to monitor protocols set by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and New Health Investment for all other activities.  As such statements will be made as we approach each activity. 

32. Where can I go with urgent COVID-19 questions?

The Ministry for Health, Wellness, and New Health Investment can answer your questions. You can call toll-free at 1-800-219 or any of these numbers:
1 (767) 448 2151
1 (767) 448 2156
1 (767) 448 2153
1 (767) 448 2171

33. Where is my one-stop-shop for Tourism and Covid related questions?

For tourism and COVID-specific related questions please call the Tourism Customer Service Concierge at:
Telephone: (767) 275-7298(767) 275-7299.
Email: and