Morocoy Paradise

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The Morocoy Paradise project is part of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Community-based Tourism Cluster Project for Dominica. A ‘morocoy’ is a small freshwater turtle endemic to the Concord Valley area. Morocoy Paradise is in its developmental stages to establish a unique wilderness experience for visitors to enjoy a safe and eco-friendly campsite. This project will feature animal husbandry, herbal gardening, and traditional overnight accommodation. Smart agriculture will also be promoted as a means of protecting the environment and promoting food security.  An onsite nursery will provide tree crop plants for the residents of the Kalinago Territory.



Phone: +1-767-276-1110

WhatsApp: +1-767-276-1110

Address: Kalinago Territory

Contact Name: Anthony Lucien



  • Trail clearing: Trail clearing and land clean-up for campsite setup. Assistance with the installation of hammocks at strategic locations around the site will also be required. Special gear needed: long sleeves, long trousers, caps, water bottles, sunscreen.