Runs the entire month of May.

Dominica Festival of the Creative Arts (DOMFESTA)

The Cultural Division launched the "Dominica Festival of Arts (DOMFESTA)" in 1983. It was considered at the time that there wasn't much going on artistically or culturally between June and August, when schools were on vacation. It was also considered that the time of year leading up to and around August 1st should be highlighted, as slaves were liberated on August 1st, 1834, and again on August 1st, 1838.

It was also considered that DOMFESTA should be a more open festival, catering to all forms of creative artistic disciplines, as opposed to more conventional celebrations such as Carnival or Independence.

DOMFESTA will feature a diverse range of dance, music, art, and theatrical performances, including folk and unique artistic expressions as well as jazz and classical music.

In 1999 the Cultural Division changed the August festival to an Emancipation Celebration and three years later in 2002 the Cultural Division reintroduced DOMFESTA in the month of May.

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