Sometimes warm mud is all a body needs

A little way’s inland from Roseau and enveloped by tropical forest is the tiny village of Wotten Waven. Popular with Dominicans and travelers alike, Wotten Waven is well-known for its natural hot sulfur springs and mud pools that are believed to have medicinal qualities.

Regardless of their actual healing powers, the hot springs offer a relaxing and reviving experience after a long day hiking the Waitukubuli National Trail. There’s no better natural medicine to soothe sore muscles — or calm jittery nerves — than by settling into the spring’s naturally muddy water.

Enterprising local villagers have created spas where health hunters and nature seekers can wallow in open-air pools surrounded by lovely gardens. Some stay open after sunset, allowing you to chill under the stars, drinks and snacks in hand, and be serenaded by tree frogs. Each spa has its own special charm and amenities, from private sulphur baths and mud pools to exotic gardens and local culinary delights.

Revive your body and stir your soul in Wotten Waven — home to spas powered by nature.