Historic Roseau

Visit a city where time loses meaning

The capital city, Roseau, is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the Roseau River, and Morne Bruce and is built on the site of the ancient Kalinago Indian village of Sairi. The quaint town has a picturesque array of 18th-century French architecture and is small enough to be easily explored on foot.

The oldest part of town is around Old Market Square, formerly the original slave market. The Old Market Square is now a vibrant craft vendors’ market for cruise ships and other visitors. The Old Post Office building is now the home of the Visitors’ Information Center, and the Dominica Museum which showcases a small collection of artifacts tracing the island’s history. The Roseau Cruise Ship berth sits across from the Museum and cruise visitors walk off the ships directly into the city for shopping and tours.

Notable sites around Roseau include The New Market on the Riverbank, which displays fresh tropical fruit, vegetables, and herbs. The Roseau Market is liveliest on Saturday mornings but is open all day and through the night from Friday to Saturday.

Morne Bruce is located just above the Botanical Gardens, which offers a panoramic view of the entire city and is a favorite of cruise visitors. Other historic sites include the Fort Young Hotel, Anglican Church relics, the President’s Office (state house), the Carnegie Library relics, the Cenotaph, and the slave monument, all on Victoria Street.