Feast on a banquet of beaches, misty mountains, and lush landscapes

Calibishie is the main village on the scenic north coast of Dominica. Home to a dramatic mosaic of steep cliffs, red rocks, and rivers gushing down from the mountains, this ancient fishing village offers you a sleepy and slow-paced spot to unwind and relax. Its coast cradles palm-fringed beaches and offers a variety of places to stay — from simple guesthouses to cliff-side cottages overlooking the sea to a private villa perched on a mountainside.

Laying alongside the only barrier reef on the island, Calibishie takes its name from the Arawakan words meaning “net of reefs.” The reef and the surrounding lands provided the Kalinago — Dominica's indigenous people — with an ideal setting for fishing, farming, and materials to build thatched homes and canoes.

Beyond the beach, you’ll find freshwater rivers with secluded bathing pools, tumbling waterfalls, and the tranquility that only a tropical rainforest with its exotic birds and lush vegetation can provide. Calibishie is one of the few places in the world where you can travel from the seashore to rain forest in little more than a mile.

Whether you’re into hiking or biking, snorkeling or diving, lounging or dining, Calibishie can help you recharge your senses and renew your outlook on life.