Scotts Head Pinnacle is justifiably one of the island's most famous dive sites. Divers regularly request repeat visits to this site. The dive begins on Swiss Cheese, a large rock formation home to the well-known Soldierfish Cave. Not actually a cave, this swim-through is usually packed with soldier fish and grunts that form a curtain in front of you, briefly parting to swallow you into the school as you pass through. Crossing a flat area of coral-encrusted rock formations leads to the Pinnacle itself. At a depth of only 35 ft, a picturesque swim-through bisects the pinnacle, bringing you to the "other side" -- a steep wall on the inside of the volcanic crater that falls off to more than 120 ft. The swim-through is home to blackbar soldierfish, grunts and lobster. The wall is dominated by deepwater sea fans and other colorful gorgonians.