Get Ready to HIKE

Dominica Official Trail Hiker's LogBook & Passport

Dominica has a vast network of hiking trails that suit all interests and levels of ability. The 200km Waitukubuli National Trail is a 14-segment hike that runs from Scotts Head in the South to the Cabrits National Park in the North, traversing the island several times en route. Most trails take hikers through diverse natural habitats such as rainforest, montane thicket, or elfin woodland. The scale and diversity of hiking in Dominica makes our island unique to the Caribbean region.

Your hike passport is a fun way to record your Dominica hiking experiences as well as to win prizes for your achievement. Passports are free of charge and can be obtained from Discover Dominica’s main office, Forestry Division and Tourist Information Offices at the Roseau Bayfront, Douglas-Charles Airport and Roseau Ferry Terminal.

Get Ready to HIKE

Some trails require site passes. These are marked as such in the hike passport. You can buy passes from The Forestry Division

A hiking site pass is required for the WNT which can be purchased from the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division on Windsor Park Road, Roseau (email:; telephone: +1 767 266 5856;, and via the official WNT website: It is well worth getting in touch to find out if any of the segments are either under repair or are perhaps closed due to landslides.

Please ensure that you inform someone of your plans or your hotel before heading out into the wilderness. We request that you register your WNT hike itinerary with the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division via Please consider hiring a guide for some of the more difficult and remote segments and remember to bring along water and wear comfortable hiking shoes.

WNT signage takes the form of directional signposts, map and information boards, and yellow and blue painted blazes. If necessary, through-hikers may camp either in designated areas or beside the trail. Please leave our nature trails as pristine as you found them. Take nothing but photos and great memories and leave nothing but footprints.

Tread Difficulty Ratings and Hike Scores

Because Dominica’s hikes are all very different and have their own unique challenges, each is given a score against the TREAD categories below. These ratings are simply meant as an indicator to help you make your hiking choices and to give you an idea of what level of difficulty to expect.


T = Terrain difficulty

R = River crossing difficulty

E = Elevation (the ups and downs)

A = Ability preparedness (the level of fitness and stamina needed)

D = Duration (time on the trail)

0 = Unchallenging


1 = Easy

2 = Moderate

3 = Challenging

4 = Severe

The overall TREAD rating for a hike is also its score. Accumulate TREAD scores and get your hikes stamped to claim the prizes. Please take a few selfies on your hike to validate your achievement and get your passport stamped either by a Forestry Division officer at the site, at the reception of Discover Dominica Authority on Great Marlborough Street in Roseau, The Tourism Information offices at the Roseau Bayfront, Douglas-Charles Airport and the Roseau Ferry Terminal.