Ti Nath Kanion

A scent of adventure...

Explore Dominica by foot, on ropes and in water…

Follow your guide for an amazing time to discover all Dominica's extreme places!

This small tour operator is owned and managed by Nathalie, canyoning and hiking instructor, European and French state certifications. Ti Nath Kanion, specialize in outdoor adventure, caters to both cruise and stay over visitors.

Join Ti Nath Kanion and team on a bucket list adventure and explore the secrets of the Nature Island, Dominica, into the heart of the rainforest where you will find sights, you have always dream of…

Activities adapted from beginner to sporty... discover these sports activities at your level... just for a great time!
Professional guide, I will guide you through Canyoning or Hiking for an unforgettable experience... Come enjoy this part of paradise!


Canyoning experience into the heart of Dominica, along the crystal-clear water’s rivers, narrow canyons hidden under the canopy where rivers have carved volcanic rock over the years... that is what you should expect!

These awesome landscapes are only accessible with specific equipment and the skills of Nathalie, canyoning instructor, and her team.

Experience great times in canyoning; swim through blue pools, slide on natural slides, jump over waterfalls into crystal-clear waters and rappelling down among incredible natural scenery in unique and wonderful places, naturals beauties… Prepare to experience the thrill of a lifetime where no experience is required!!!

Boiling Lake – Desolation valley (National Park and UNESCO world heritage site) 

The second largest in the world, Boiling Lake is a flooded fumarole from a volcano in the Valley of Desolation. Hiking to Boiling Lake is one of the best experiences in Dominica, but it’s also one of the sportiest hikes!

It's a round trip where we walk through exuberant tropical vegetation tree fern, huge trees ... with as background music the birds of the rain forest. The view emerges and vegetation changes when we reach the top of the Valley of Desolation. No doubt, there is something going on here ... We descend, the earth seems to be alive, water boils and smoke everywhere, the colors are amazing. A bath in natural saunas before us, before discovering the largest boiling lake in the world where the water temperature is around 80 °C.  Along the hike, I provide you information about the local flora, fauna, and wildlife we'll find along the trail. Then we go back to the Valley of Desolation to reach the parking.

“Ti Nath Kanion” reserves the right to cancel or change activities for safety reasons.

My job is my hobby... and I love it! See you soon for an amazing time on the green island!


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