Dominica's Diving

This map lists the major dive sites and our dive operators.

Toucari Bay
Toucari Bay Excellent for day or night dives, this site boasts a wide variety of sea life. A secluded area with coral covered rocks reaching from the beach.
Cabrits Several sites: Cabrits South and West are both beautiful reefs dropping off sharply to a sandy bottom at 155 and 110 feet respectively and a third site further to the south drops off to below 185 feet. These sites often have currents and offer spectacular drift dives over barrel sponges and schools of Creole fish.   
Five Finger Rock
Five Finger Rock In the Cabrits Marine Park, not far offshore from the Cabrits Peninsula. Divers will see plenty of squirrelfish, flounders, tobacco fish, and angelfish.   
Rina's Hole
Rina's Hole DiveSiteDesc Just North of Whaleshark Reef lies Rina's Hole. This is a great shallow dive offering a beautiful swim through leading to a cluster of rock formations encrusted with corals, teeming with moray eels, giant anemones, delicate sea fans and beds of sea plumes. A large swim through cave is home to schools of soldier fish and bigeyes.
Nose Reef
Nose Reef Nose Reef and Whaleshark Reef are located on the south drop-off of the Grand Savanne flats. Both sites are-inspiring reefs starting at about 55 feet and cascading down to 130+ feet. The arrow crabs, banded and Pederson cleaner shrimp together with spotted flamingo tongue snails provide a macro photographer with the perfect opportunity for exceptional and striking compositions.   
Rodneys Rock
Rodneys Rock Rodney’s Rock is a shallow (maximum 50 feet) dive offering one of the best critter dives. A huge variety of marine life can be found at this site, which offers mini caves and overhangs for spiny and slipper lobster, crabs and morays.
Champagne Reef
Champagne Reef The dive itself usually consists of a circuit around Champagne reef, just a bit further offshore, followed by a safety stop exploring the hot springs and bubbles. This is a dive for all levels, calm water and light to no currents. It is not unusual to find seahorses and frogfish here, and flying gurnards are common over the shallow sandy areas.
Scott's Head Drop Off
Scott's Head Drop Off This wall is spectacular at any depth, from forty to one hundred feet. It is an incredibly colourful dive with pink and azure vase sponges, orange icing sponges, yellow tube sponges, and green rope sponges. The many small nooks and crannies hide lobster, crabs, and many different kinds of cleaner shrimp. The end of this dive consists of a fifteen feet safety stop
The Village
The Village Another advanced southern Atlantic site, the mooring sits in 10m/30ft on top of the wall, from the depths three rock pinnacles rise each slightly shallower than the other giving a good multilevel dive, as with all sites in the Atlantic sponges grow large and horizontal, the corals are predominantly soft and fans, and schools of big fish abound.   
Cabrits Dive
Cabrits Dive Portsmouth
East Carib Dive
East Carib Dive Salisbury
SunSet Bay Club
Sunset Bay Club Coulibistrie
Fort Young Hotel
Fort Young Hotel Roseau
Dive Dominica
Dive Dominica Castle Comfort
Al Dive
Al Dive Loubiere
Nature Island Dive
Nature Island Dive Soufriere

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