Intermediate Hikes : Discover Dominica, the Nature Island

Hike into Dominica


If you are ready for a bit more of a challenge, these trails will reward your efforts with panoramic views, lakes, waterfalls, rainforest, and some of the best hiking in the Caribbean.





Boeri Lake - Roseau Valley

Length: 1.25 mile
Duration: 1.5 hours
Forest type: Upper Montane to Cloud Forest (elfin woodland)

This trail in the World Heritage Site takes you past hot and cold springs gushing from the side of Morne Macaque, past crystal clear streams, through old gardens and montane forest. The lake sits at an elevation of 2,800 ft and covers some four acres. It is located in the crater of an old volcano in which Morne Macaque (also known locally known as Morne Micotrin) was formed, separating Boeri from Freshwater Lake. Boeri Lake is almost circular in shape and at least 117 ft deep. Fed by rainfall and runoff, the water level varies with the seasons, reaching its highest point between October and December. Walk up the ridge to Boeri Lake for some superb panoramic views of Dominica. The hike to Boeri Lake begins at Freshwater Lake and is a moderate 1-1/4 mile walk. The path is rocky and can be slippery, especially in the rain.


Victoria Falls - East

Length: 0.4 miles
Duration: 45 minutes
Forest type: Rainforest

Access to this dramatic waterfall is from the village of Delices. The waterfall is 165 ft in height and flows into the White River which is sourced from the Boiling Lake. Traversing trail paths, crossing rivers and climbing rocks both large and small is part of what makes this hike interesting. However, one has to be cautious because of flash floods, and guide is highly recommended.


Chemin L’Etang - East

Length: 2.5 miles
Duration: 1.5-2 hours 
Forest type: Secondary Forest to Upper Montane Forest

This cross-island trail goes from Rosalie on the east coast to the Freshwater Lake (Chemin L’Etang, means Lake Road). Hiking this trail, you will retrace the original Carib track across the island, which for many years was the main east-west route. The dirt road rises gently at first, taking you through the small village of Grand Fond past fruit trees to a river crossing. It then becomes a narrow track, switch-backing steeply across the rainforest covered mountainside. Along the way, imagine how arduous a climb this must have been for those heavily laden Caribs – and how welcome the sight of Freshwater Lake must have been at the top!

Middleham Falls - Roseau Valley

: 3.6 miles
Duration: 1.5 hours
Forest type: Rainforest

The trek to Middleham Falls leads you into the heart of the rainforest. The falls are striking - a narrow stream drops about 200 ft from a keyhole notch in the lip of the cliff. Take time to strip down and brace yourself for a chilly dip! A shallow cave to the left of the falls makes a great place to sit and watch the action before diving into the water. Though there are two trails to Middleham Falls, the more popular trail begins off the Roseau-Laudat road. From the picnic shelter at Providence, the trailhead is less than two miles from the falls. You start at 1,600 ft, climb to a ridge at 2,200 ft, then descend back down to the falls themselves. The long and hilly round trip normally takes 1.5 hours, but the trail is not especially difficult. There is a trail junction 300m above the falls indicating an extension to the Stinking Hole and the village of Cochrane. The Stinking Hole is a larval tube (cave) that is the home of thousands of bats - and their aromatic droppings! You can either return back along the trail to the Laudat entrance, or continue past the Stinking Hole to the village of Cochrane.

Sari Sari Falls - Southeast

Length: 2 miles
Duration: 1.5 hours
Forest type: Rainforest

Sari-Sari Falls is located on the east coast within the village of La Plaine, and starts with a steep incline to the bed of the Sari-Sari River. The trail traverses along the river bed, crossing several times. The exact path you travel depends on the flow of the river. Care must be taken as the trail can be slippery when wet. Sari-Sari is a beautiful waterfall, but most of its appeal is its location on the remote Atlantic side of the island.


Syndicate to Portsmouth - Northwest

Length: 4.97 miles
: 2.5 hours
Forest type: Rainforest to Secondary Forest

This trail follows the course of the Picard River as it descends towards Portsmouth. This magnificent rainforest is home to the rare indigenous Sisserou (Amazona imperialis), Dominica’s National Bird, and the Jaco (Amaxona arausiaca) parrots, which you are likely to hear and possibly see. From overlooking the ravine, the trail descends to the river itself, which is crossed frequently as it tumbles down towards the town of Portsmouth. The trail was used by the Maroons in the nineteenth century on their raids against the British troops at Fort Shirley. The trail leaves the rainforest and passes through plantations before ending at the main road at the entrance to Portsmouth.


Morne Anglais Trail - Southwest

Duration: 3 hours
Forest type: Secondary Rainforest to Cloud Forest (elfin woodland)

If you are looking for a challenging hike that is very rewarding – this is it. This trail has some of the most spectacular views of the island! At almost 4,000 ft, Morne Anglais is one of the tallest mountains in the south. The hike starts from the village of Giraudel, renowned for its flower growers, and climbs from around 1,789 ft to the summit. Care must be taken as the trail can be very muddy. Though the trail to the top is well-defined, the start of it isn't, and a guide is recommended.


Morne Crabier - Southwest

Duration: 2 hours
Forest type: Dry Forest, Secondary Forest and Savannah

This old trail is one of several which connect estates above the southern village of Scott's Head. It will take you up to about 1,400 ft and over Morne Crabier. The trail starts from the main road to Gallion, at Morne Patate, and comes out above Scott's Head.