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Life Ambitions from Ms. Dominica- Leslassa Armour-Shillingford

My life ambition is to be a positive influence in people’s lives and to create and highlight opportunities in my country and by extension the rest of the world using my skill sets. With a focus on holistic education, 


I would like to work with others to further improve and broaden education systems in Dominica and other places that could see my country as an example so that children will grow up as better thinkers who could have a better chance at finding what they can excel at, enabling them to make a fuller contribution to their societies. One of my first initiatives after becoming Miss Dominica was to start DREAM Foundation, an organization that will raise funds towards early-childhood education as it is the key to having a good base to build from.

After I have completed my Bachelor and Master degrees and have gained some international work experience in my field of study, Agricultural Economics & Development I would like to return to my country and together with others in my field to further develop the Agricultural Industry in my country. I will never stop loving dance so I will of-course continue with this passion and hopefully be able to use this to increase the opportunities within the Arts, in particular Dance, to schools and institutions in Dominica.




“Down to Earth, natural and committed, Leslassa’s positive spirit touches people in a very ‘real’ way.”

A vegetarian all my life, I believe passionately in conservation and living in balance with nature. Born in Dominica to Dominican parents, I have lived in a number of other Caribbean islands and travelled as far afield as Namibia, Africa. The reigning Miss Dominica, I am 19 year old Leslassa Armour-Shillingford (pronounced Less-lassa) which means ‘Harmony’ in Amharic, (an Ethiopian language). I believe I am a well-rounded, modern and youthful Caribbean Ambassador for the World.

At the tender age of 13, I was diagnosed with the medical condition Scoliosis which threatened my mobility, but since I am so passionate about dancing and sports, I committed to a daily discipline of exercise and a full torso brace for many years and, have come through the condition successfully. As an accomplished dancer, while at college I was awarded “Greatest Dance Contribution” and recently placed 2nd in the Dominica Can Dance competition 2012. I am now fortunate to be a part-time Dance Teacher at 2 leading institutions in Dominica.

After high school graduation I completed the IB diploma program at the Rothesay College in Canada where I was honoured with the Institution’s most prestigious senior female award for “Fine Character, Scholarship & Sportsmanship”. I demonstrated leadership skills through academic, extra-curricular & volunteer activities and was also elected Head of House. I deeply appreciate the importance of a Holistic Education, my pageant platform, and the need for all people to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential; finding their passion and then excelling at whatever they do.

I am currently employed with my family’s business the Anchorage Hotel Whale Watch & Dive Center as an administrative assistant and promotions officer. This gives me the opportunity to interface personally and online with not just the visitors to Dominica but also with local tourism service providers which demonstrates further the diversity of avenues where people can excel.

Since becoming Miss Dominica in February 2013, I have been privileged to attend and be invited to speak at various workshops, television and radio programs and other public forums. Most memorable was the impact others told me I had on them when I gave a Solidarity address to a group of rural women on International Womens’ Day, at the National Downs Syndrome Day when I also joined their march through our city and most recently, the day after winning the Miss Carival 2013 title, when I gave a short impromptu address at the Annual Fundraising Dinner of the Association for People with Disabilities in St. Vincent. I am also extremely proud to be actively involved in my community in many ways from schools, to culture and tourism activities and initiatives.








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I Am Dominica

Miss Dominica 2013 
Leslassa is the proud representative of Dominica, the Nature Island, at Miss World 2013 for the first time in 35yrs. Indonesia, are you ready for Leslassa.

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