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Study Abroad in Dominica

Study Abroad in Dominica

on the island of DOMINICA

…Experience learning at its best in a ‘living’ classroom on the Nature Island!

Renowned for pristine nature, rich indigenous and local culture, and a history of developing in responsible ways in a young emerging economy, Dominica is the ideal destination to further educate both young and wise minds.

Dominica has Numerous Education Opportunities focused on:

∙   Medicine

∙   Short Stay Academic Courses

∙   Study at Sea

∙   English Language

∙   Research

∙   Service Learning

∙   Educational Travel & Pleasure   

Challenges faced by climate change, high cost of fuel, rugged mountainous landscape, demise of the banana industry, among other issues have forced Dominica to act in responsible ways from as early as the 1940’s to current decision making.

Students and Professors alike have the opportunity to learn how Dominica, comprising a small population, manages to build an economy with the challenges presented by the global environment. Some areas of focus are listed below:


∙   Renewable Energy & Power Generation

∙   Climate Change Risk Reduction & Adaption

∙   Waste Management Systems

∙   Forest Preservation & Conservation

∙  Responsible Tourism 

∙   Marine Biology

∙  Local Manufacturing

∙   Volcanology

∙  Political Structure 

∙   Investment Regime

∙  Local Art & Craft Development

∙   Tax System

∙  Events Creation & Management

∙   Archaeology

Organic Agriculture, Cuisine & Food Security

Anthropology including Longevity

Indigenous Kalinago (Carib) Heritage & Living

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