Discover Dominica, the Nature Island

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Welcome to Dominica
I am a diver's dream and hiker's paradise. I am the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean destination. I am volcanic peaks, boiling waters and underwater champagne springs. Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams and rainforest. I am celebrations of music, art and flowers. I am nature's island. Culture preserved. I am Dominica. Are You?


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Discover Dominica Authority is pleased to invite all Dominicans to experience and indulge in Staycation 2018 – the ReDiscover Dominica edition. Staycation summer deals and packages will run from July 23rd to September 30 2018. All are urged to redsicover Dominica and experience our Nature Island in rejuvenated splendour and enjoy a staycation with a difference at one of the island’s longstanding participating hotels or opt for one of the beautifully furnished, modern, self-contained apartments in the north in Picard, Portsmouth.

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Travel to Dominica


International flights from US and Europe arrive through hubs in Antigua, Barbados, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe and Martinique. A second airport accommodates smaller intra-regional flights. Dominica’s numerous ports are accessed by Cruise lines, and a 300-foot catamaran ferry from neighboring islands. Learn more

Dive into Dominica


One of the top ten dive destinations in the world, Dominica’s diverse dive sites await you. From the calmer tropical fish-filled waters, to spectacular drops and a submerged volcanic crater. The opportunities for underwater discovery and photography are unparalleled. Learn more

Hike ito Dominica


300 miles of trails on Dominica are a true nature lover’s dream. Breathtaking vistas, waterfalls, rushing streams, and volcanic wonders await hikers of every skill level. Where will your Dominica trailhead take you? Learn more




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